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Adoring the Finger Lakes...

I've decided to venture into uncharted waters of blogging. New to this, please be kind as I share tidbits...I hope you find the info helpful and inspiring to set your course in discovering the Finger Lakes. Having our historic home nestled in the "Little Lakes" region of the Finger Lakes, we've discovered so many special spots. Guest and friends want to know first hands, so let's give it a whirl....

Choose a small town and venture about

When we first moved to the Township of Richmond, which is where Honeoye lake is located, it appeared to be a sleepy town and friends from Rochester kept saying, "it's so far away". Well, a quick 30 minute drive from Rochester, it's really not that far...especially since I had just moved back from NYC, where my commute within Manhattan was easily 40 minutes.

The beauty of the natural surroundings captured me immediately, and it was often difficult to venture away from the house, as I loved gardening, taking in the view and working in my little office that is now our Shop. After the first year of drinking this all in, I realized there's more to area and I needed to venture about a bit. Talking with my neighbors, I quickly learned, there are all sorts of hiking trails; Rob's Trail, Cumming Nature Center, Wesley Preserve, Sandy Bottom Nature Trail and Harriet Hollister Recreation Center. Here you can unplug and enjoy nature. Friends and guests from our the world have been delighted by these off the beat and path spots. Each little town in our region has something special to offer.

If you have the luxury of venturing about for a day, choose a town, and really poke around. Grab a cup of coffee at the cutest spot in town, and just start asking the locals questions of the best spots to explore. Many of our guests have found us via instragram which thrills me, as it's helped me many interesting people in the region by looking up a hashtag name of a town and finding hidden gems. Publications such as local regional news from The Owl Light News and Life in the Finger Lakes along with listening to Michael Warren Thomas's weekend program on WYSL 1040am, have opened up my world to some of the best events I would never have known about.

Recently, I kept hearing about Eagle Crest Vineyard which is close to our homestead. I always knew Hemlock lake was a hop and skip away, but seriously had no idea, it was really so close. The drive to the vineyard was breathtaking. Make the time - things are in our own back yards, and just waiting for you! #visitfingerlakes #honeoye #fingerlakes #flx #owllightnews #cummingnaturecenter

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